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The Difference: Distribution

The Difference: Direct Distribution​​​

​No Warehouse

​​Our Direct Distribution model means that we do not have a warehouse. Without the burden of warehousing overhead, we eliminate:

      1. Inventory carrying costs
      2. Rent, labour, and utility costs


We are constantly building and maintaining personal relationships with our growers, who   in turn provide us with their freshest product.

Sourcing direct from the farms shortens the supply chain, further reducing our costs. 


Air Cargo

Direct shipments from the country of origin are shipped by air cargo resulting in reduced time in transit and a fresher end product. 


Less broker shipments = less long haul loads.


Local Delivery

Once shipments arrive locally, we clear them through customs and deliver the goods to our customers. No warehousing; no delays.



Delivery is included in standing order prices.

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