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Central and South America

We believe that our Latin American heritage is our key competitive advantage as suppliers of fresh flowers in Calgary. Specifically, fluency in Spanish and familiarity with regional customs have been instrumental in establishing our strong relationships with our suppliers.


The ability to negotiate face-to face in our native language has mutually enabled us, when engaging our growers, to breach the typical cultural barriers of international trade.


As a result, our cultural competitive advantage enables us to proudly support the  industries of our native region while leveraging relationships during negotiations.  We currently receive weekly shipments from Costa Rica, Guatemala, Colombia, and Ecuador.

Beyond the Americas

Although the majority of our imports come from Central and South America, there are certain varieties that do not grow in the region due to the high level of humidity.


Through visits abroad to international trade shows and exhibitions, we have met with many foreign suppliers and have sourced products from the other side of the globe. Our visit to the largest flower auction in the world, in Holland, provided an opportunity to meet with auction brokers to source from their local market.


With relationships in countries as diverse as the Netherlands, Australia, Israel, and South Africa, we continue to source a wide range of the most unique fresh flowers from around the globe.

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