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All of our flowers are sourced from farms with proven track records. Once we establish a relationship with a new supplier, we request samples which are rigorously inspected to ensure that our quality standards are met.


Our weekly shipments include many varieties of premium roses as well as the typical wholesale selection of flowers which can vary based on seasonal availability.


South and Central America produce a diverse variety of tropical flowers year-round due to their proximity to the equator. Our strong ties to the region, based on the founder's Latin-American roots, allow us to secure unparalleled access to the growers.


In addition to our weekly shipments of birds of paradise, of which we are the largest supplier in our geographic region, we also carry ginger, heliconia, and other varieties, along with exotics from as far as South Africa.


A range of fillers compliment our flower selection however inventory may vary due to our Direct Distribution model, which varies our shipments based on client orders. Gypsophila, solidago, statice, liatris, and a variety of asters are just some of the fillers that are typically in stock, however our clients are always welcome to request any items not currently in our inventory.



Like many other products we carry, our foliage, which is sourced mainly from South America, is lush and vibrant due to the high humidity index of its native environment and proximity to the equator.


Our variety of tropical leaves such as ruscus, aspidistra, aralia, monstera, and palm leaves have been described as the 'greenest greens I've ever seen!'

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